Magical Photos with Santa

I was so excited to be invited to guest post on Tator Tots & Jello.  A really amazing blog for DIY and home decorating ideas.  Enjoy…

I’m thrilled to share with you a little
Christmas spirit. What more Christmasy than SANTA CLAUS? There is
nothing like visiting Santa to get kids (and parents) excited for Christmas. Today I’m
going to give you a few ideas to make your pictures with Santa MAGICAL.
Enjoy these ideas…
miss capturing the special moments with Santa because you are waiting
for them to look at the camera and smile.  Some of my favorite photos
were taken while the kids are simply chitchatting with Santa.  Enjoy these examples..
first thing my 2 year old said after sitting on Santa’s knee was “his fluffy
bread tickled me”.  Encourage hugs and kisses, those close moments make
the most adorable photos.  Enjoy these examples…
  Santa with a child on his knee is the traditional photo.  I say break tradition and have your child stand next to him.  Great for girls in pretty dresses, fun for older kids and everyone else too.  Enjoy these examples…
A visit with Santa is delightful for most kids, and very frightful for others.  Be sure to capture the terror in their faces.  We’ll all laugh later.  Enjoy these examples…

May your days be filled with the magic and wonder of little children.

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