Photoshop Tricks Class

I’ve had lots of request for an “advanced” photo editing class. I don’t want to call it an “advanced” class because you don’t have to have any advanced or intermediate skills in Photoshop. You’ll need to know how to perform the following tasks before taking the class…

1. How to open an image in Photoshop

 you will learn…

1. How to remove blemishes
2. How to smooth out Skin
3. How to make eyes sparkle
4. I mentioned portraiture in the basic class, in the this class I’ll show you how to use it.
5. How to remove an item for an image
6. How to switch faces
7. How to take pounds off
8. How to create more space around the outside of your picture so you have enough image to wrap around the edges of your gallery wrap.

I am also more than happy to take requests.

The class will be held on Tuesday, Feb 11th at 7:30PM MST. Like always you don’t have to be there live, you will receive the class recording.

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Here are some examples of what you will learn!!


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